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Find out how Sunshine Bay changed the way they do community engagement – for the better!


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Is the community in agreement or are views divided? Participants vote Yes or No and add their reason. Everyone can see the results in real time!


Finding out what’s more important just got a lot easier. The community can rank multiple options and you can find out what people care about the most!

Idea Generator

Harness the wisdom of the crowd to come up with your new big idea! Users can post and support ideas so the favourites are easy to see.

Brilliant reports

Demographic data, names, opt-in email subscription lists and engagement levels. Available in PDF and CSV formats.

Easy CMS

A simple to use backend that allows you to add, edit and remove questions, download reports and customize your installation.

Social sharing

TownHall Social is built for sharing. Bite size questions and a native Facebook app make it fun and easy to share.

Organisations engagingaskingreachingconsulting their communities using TownHall.

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